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About me

My name is Ania.

I am passionate about simplification and for several years I have been systematically limiting the number of things that surround me. It helps me to focus on what’s really important. I often hear from others “You will know for sure” when they approach me to help with something. And often – I know! Because my favorite thing is to learn, find connections and solve problems. It’s a lot of fun and a way to be useful to others.

About blog

I started the blog to share my views on the areas leading to autonomy, understood as responsible, conscious life. The path to autonomy is supported by intentional thinking and tools such as minimalism. And finally, autonomy is visible in many areas of life: finance, time management, relationships, work – you can read about it on this blog as well.

If you want to contact me, write an email to hello@pomyslodwrotnie.pl